A new capsule hotel has opened in the heart of Sapporo!

Number of rooms

Capsules and other facilities

Size of the capsule bed: W105cm x D207cm x H104cm
24-inch LCD TV, valuables safe, electric outlet, USBport
4 shared shower rooms, 5 shared restrooms, 7 lavatories
Entrance: Coin lockers:W24cm x D49cm x H41cm, counter, vending machines

Facility information The inside of a capsule Alarm panel 24-inch LCD TV valuables safe electric outlet

Reservation procedure

Check-in procedure

  1. Enter the required information on the fare adjustment machine. Select the check-in button to enter your full name.
  2. [Operating the adjustment machine]
    After having entered the required information, check your signature and the payment to pay by the IC credit card or cash.
    *On-site settlement only
  3. [Operating the adjustment machine]
    For those residing overseas, hold your passport over the reader at the bottom left to check for something wrong.
  4. Get your card key and a receipt with your bed number. Keep them to enter your room.
  5. Hold your card key over the card reader beside the automatic door to open the door, and take off your shoes and proceed to the locker.
  6. Please use a coin locker [for shoes and baggage only] bearing the same number as your bed number.In order to lock the locker, a 100-yen coin is required. The coin will be returned when you unlock the locker.

Check-out procedure

  1. Please retrieve the 100-yen coin after you use the coin locker.
  2. Please insert the key card into the payment machine and operate the machine as instructed on its screen and the check-out procedure will be complete.


  • * [For men only] No smoking allowed inside the building. For overnight stays only. No meals provided. Hotel for overnight stays only.
  • * We are an unmanned capsule hotel. We will not receive or send faxes or baggage.
  • * We have no parking or bicycle-parking spaces.
  • * In case of loss or damage of your key card or locker key, 2,000 yen will be charged. The keys can be reissued at Hotel New Budget Sapporo (Minami 3-jo Nishi 6-chome).
  • * If you prefer on-site payment, the room rate should be paid in advance when you check in.
    Only IC-type credit cards are acceptable, and you should enter the passcode. Please use a credit card that can be used on an unmanned payment machine. Even in case of a reservation for 2 or more guests, payment should be made for each guest separately on the payment machine.
  • *Even if you stay for two or more nights in a row, you are requested to leave the hotel between 10:00 and 15:00 each day because of maintenance of the hotel facilities. The check-out time cannot be extended for any reason.
  • * If you may be annoyed by other guests' snoring, please bring your own ear plugs, etc. No exchange of beds is allowed after check-in.
  • * Please do not enter the hotel in a heavily drunken state.
  • * It is prohibited to bring anyone other than guests into the hotel.
  • * You may not bring any food or drink into the hotel for sanitary reasons. We have no dining space.
  • * Please comply with the cancellation policy.


Can I stay for several nights in a row?
Yes, but you are requested to temporarily leave the hotel before the check-out time (10:00 a.m.) on the second and subsequent days.
You should not be in the hotel between 10:00 and 15:00.
If you stay for several consecutive nights, you can keep using the locker even during said time zone.
Can I stay with another person?
We are very sorry, but our capsule bed is for only one person.
Two or more people cannot share one bed. So, if you are a group of several people, please reserve a capsule bed for each person.
Do you charge cancellation fees?
If you cancel your reservation, we will charge you a cancellation fee as follows.
*100% of your total amount will be charged in case of No-show, regardless of the situation.
[1 to 9 guests] 100% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel on your scheduled arrival date.
[10 or more guests] 100% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel up to 28 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.
Is there parking space?
We do not have parking spaces or bicycle-parking spaces.
Can I dine in the hotel?
We have no restaurants.
In addition, you may not bring any food or drink into the hotel for sanitary reasons. (There is a juice vending machine in the hotel.)
Can I smoke?
No, smoking is prohibited in the whole hotel.
If you smoke, a fire alarm will be activated.
Can I use the Internet in the hotel?
Yes, free Wi-Fi is available.
Please note that you may not be able to connect to the Internet depending on the configuration of your device or your software.
Please also note that you may find it difficult to connect to the Internet during a peak time, or depending on other guests' usage.
What amenities do you offer?
You can use the following amenities.
Capsule: Indoor clothes, bath towel, face towel, toothbrush
Lavatory area: Hair dryer, hair brush, hand soap, paper cup for tooth brushing, razor
Shower booth: Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap
Shared shelves: Blanket and pillow for lending
Can you look after my baggage before check-in or after check-out?
No, we cannot. We have no space to keep your baggage.
Can I send my baggage to the hotel in advance?
No, it is not possible. We have no space to keep your baggage.
In addition, we cannot receive your baggage because we are an unmanned hotel.
How should I pay the room rate?
Room rates should be paid in advance. Please pay the rate on the payment machine by cash or credit card when you check in.
Only IC-type credit cards are acceptable, and you should enter the passcode.
Please use a credit card that can be used on an unmanned payment machine.
Can I use the hotel in a wheelchair?
We are sincerely sorry. The hotel is not equipped for handicapped guests.
There are stairs and level differences.
In addition, as we are an unmanned hotel, no staff will be available to assist you. We kindly ask for your understanding.
Can I lock the capsule bed?
Capsule units cannot be locked because we are categorized as a common lodging house under the Hotel Business Act.
About facilities within the capsule
The size of the capsule bed is W1050mm x D2075mm x H1042mm.
In addition to the bedding, there are lighting equipment, a TV set, an alarm clock, a valuables safe, two hangers, an electric outlet and a USB outlet in the capsule.
On the 24-inch LCD television, you can watch terrestrial and BS broadcasting for free.
What is the air conditioning equipment like?
Air conditioning in each capsule is not individually managed. We centrally manage air conditioning in all the floors depending on the season and climate.
Please note that guests cannot adjust heating or cooling by themselves.


TOMORU building F4,11-7,